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welcome to my fandom events resume! feel free to have a look around.
if you want to contact me about my work, please use the tumblr or twitter links below!

Current Projects

a frequently-updated list of all current zines and events that i am participating in and/or hosting.

Completed zines

a list of all completed zines i've participated in as a contributor and/or as a moderator.

completed Events

a list of all completed and annual events i've moderated.

Current Projects

eventfandom & typerolestatus
kaishin big bang 2024event, dcmkadmincreation
tie me upzine, bnhawriterproduction
usagi-chanzine, bnhawriterproduction

completed Zines

sunrisebnhaweddingwritercompleteyou are like nobody since i love you
for infinitybnhaizuochawritercompletePrime Delivery
eidolonbnhasupernaturalwritercompleteTodoroki Psychic Research
victoriesbnhasportshead mod, graphics modfree to downloadn/a
gildedbnhakrbk fantasywriterfree to downloadmy foothold is tenon'd and mortis'd in granite
a thousand horizons: winter editionbnhawlwwriterfree to downloadillumination
icebreakerbnhatddkwriterspecial messagebest laid plans & i sing the body electric
color theorybnhajournalismwritercompleteHistorical Collection
road to goldmulti (daiya)sports/olympicswritercompleteJapan's Ace Gives Team Mexico Serious Heat!
a thousand horizonsbnhawlwwriterfree to downloadEnrichment
insatiablebnhashouto nsfwwriterfree to downloada day is long (and i have been waiting for you)
first anthologybnhafirst timeswritercomplete(i want to do with you) what spring does with the cherry trees
serenitybnhaself-carebeta modcompleten/a
problem childbnhaaizawa & midoriyasenior beta modcompleten/a
stylishhaikyuufashion magazinebeta modcompleten/a
hq quarterly - springhaikyuuspringwritercompletebloom
glory daysdaiyateam-centricwritercompletered, yellow, blue
zodiacfruits basketfamily & friendshipco-head modcompleten/a
voyagestudio ghiblitravelwritercompleteCountry Roads
kisetsudaiyaseasonsgeneral modcompleten/a
shall we skate, issue 1yoiliterary magazinewritercompletethe divine perfection
eat, skate, loveyoicookbookchefcompleten/a (recipe)
born to shineyoiyuuri-centricwritercompleteyet, i love you
thailand's futureyoiphichit-centricguest writercompletetime and tide wait for no man
heartbeatsyoilove languageswritercompletea little parenthesis in eternity
chasing goldyoiolympicshead mod, finance, shipping, betacompletejourneys end in lovers' meeting
on loveyoiyuuri-centricshipping, writercompletelet your soul stand cool
yoi fanbookyoinonewriterincomplete, zine failedwe were together; i forget the rest & fragments;
yoi coloring bookyoicoloring bookartistcompleten/a

annual Events

tododeku big bangbnhamod2023-current
annual kaishin reverse bangdcmkmod2019-2022
annual kaishin secret santadcmkmod2018-current
annual kaishin one-prompt challengedcmkmod2022-current

completed Events

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